Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Sweet Ally Fales ~ Kansas City Photographer Who LOVES Her Dogs!

 After 14 years together .....through the birth of my 6 kids, loving and protecting us 24-7, loving me unconditionally...my sweet 16 year old lab was put to rest on 6-27. She was my first dog and she quickly stole my heart. Thankfully she flunked out of guide dog school at 2 years old and after seven months on a waiting list...we could adopt her. I quickly ruined all her training w/ a 1000 peanut butter sandwiches that I made her in her lifetime and many homemade cookies. She would play ball with me to pass the time while in  labor in our backyard until I left for the hospital for each kid.  Ally kept my feet warm on cold nights and stayed up with me when I was working late. She came on most of our vacations and car rides w/ me daily. Many of you who came to my house thought I was crazy keeping a dog that could hardly walk, could not control her bowels and riddled w/ tumors. I waited until I could see in her face that it was time.  I can only say I loved her and that did not stop when she became ill.   I hope I have shown my kids by example that you love and care for your animals until the end. 

They are family you know.

A friend just sent me this saying.....thank you.
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